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KNK Longboard Camp 2023

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July 25, 2023 - July 30, 2023
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Event Details

KNK Longboard Camp 2023 (No Paws Down)

KNK presents the KNK Longboard Camp and No Paws Down Race 2023.

Spend a full week skating one of the best freeride tracks in Europe and wider together with riders from all over the World. 4 kilometres, 18 hairpins, 6 days straight – upgrade your downhill and freeride skills while shredding the smoothest asphalt ever, consistent from top to bottom, swim in a beautiful river, enjoy the finest local cuisine and party with your old and newly made friends.



Skating days: 25.7. – 30.7.2023
(6 full days of skating, everyday from 11:00 until 18:00)


There’s a good reason why Bear’s Guts is one of the best freeride tracks in our part of the World. KnK Longboard Camp features a 4 kilometers long road, carved into a beautiful mountain in the wildest part of Slovenia, near a small town called Osilnica.
It’s packed with 18 hairpins which are up to 10 meters wide, so there’s a lot of room to play around with your slides.
The Bear’s Guts has one of the smoothest pavements you’ll find around and there’s no pavement changes from start till finish, which makes it great for learning and improving your freeride skills.
The top speed you might hit on the Bear’s Guts is around 85+ km/h and the steepest grade is 14 percent. The Bear’s Guts is a challenging track, but beginners are also welcome to join us. Beginners need to know how to perform at least one slide to get down the Bear’s Guts “safely” and there’s 6 days to learn the rest. The main idea behind this event is to be able to skate that amazing road for a week and progress as much as you would in few months of shredding smaller local spots.


At KnK Longboard Camp, a leather suit is not required, but it’s highly recommended for beginners. The only required protection gear is a full-face helmet and slide gloves. Although the knee and elbow pads are optional, you should seriously consider to wear them, as well as a back protector.


Camping with all amenities is included in the price. Multiple warm shower and toilet facilities are available right next to the campsite. If you want to rent a room, you have to book it early via the Hotel Kovač website .
You can rent a single or a double room for 30 – 35 Euros per night or a bed in a dorm for 18 Euros per night. If you’re traveling with a camper, you can connect to electricity but you’ll need your own cable.


Only 5-minutes walk from the campsite you will find a small convenient store. You can geet the breakfast there as an alternative to a bit more costly but very good breakfast offer at Hotel Kovač, which is usually 5 Euros for all you can eat (sausages, fried eggs, yogurt, pancakes, toast sandwich with ham and cheese, fresh fruit, croissants, coffee or tea, etc).

At KnK the track runs from 11am till 6pm without stopping, but you can take a break from skating and get your lunch at the start (on the track). You can choose from grilled meat, kebab, falafel and similar and the prices stretch from 3 to 4 Euros.

After a full day of skating, you can have a dinner at the Hotel Kovač for a discounted price of 7.5 Euros. You’ll be served with a three course meal (soup, salad, main meal and possibly a desert). Vegans and vegetarians are covered as well. While you’re at it, you can also grab a cool beer or some other non-alcoholic beverage.


Since KnK Longboard Camp is a six days long event, you’ll have to pack a bit more stuff. Usually it gets hot up on the track and you’ll sweat a lot, so make sure you have enough t-shirts, socks and underwear – at least two pieces per day.

Pack a sweater for the evening hangouts at the party place too. Nights are not cold, but there’s a lot of humidity in the air. Just in case, you should pack for the rain as well.
Don’t forget your swimming suit, because there’s a nice river flowing next to the campsite where you can refresh yourself in the morning and show off your water jumping skills in the late afternoon. I would also recommend to have a gazebo tent if you want to enjoy some shade in the campsite since it’s placed on an open field.
Other than that, if you’re camping, you’ll obviously need your own tent and other camping gear, like a flash light, sleeping bag etc.

We are looking forward to shred the Bear’s Guts with you once again. See you soon!

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Maryhill Ratz

Website: www.knklongboardcamp.com

Facebook: @knklongboardcamp

Instagram: @longboardmagazine.eu

Email: info@knklongboardcamp.com

Phone Number: +386 70 253 495

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