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Spring Okanagan Skatetrip (S.O.S.) 2024

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April 20 - April 21
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Once again we invite friends from all over to come skate some of the best hills in Canada. Come get your skate legs back under you with good friends and good hills! As always here are the things to know: 1. This is not a competition. There are no entry fee’s and no prizes. It’s simply about getting stoked and seshing some super rad hills. 2. We will be camping so be prepared for colder temperatures at night and bring some warmer clothes/camping gear. The camping spot is higher up in the hills meaning colder temps than in the valley. 3. There are only two planned sessions. Vernon Access on Saturday and Giants Head on Sunday. This doesn’t mean you can’t hit other hills and we encourage people to do their own thing, but those are the only two we plan for because both roads are closed to traffic and safe to shred all day. 4. Bring extra wheels! Every year people go through tonnes of wheels, whether it’s to shred, sell, or swap! It’s a great place to try out new wheels and gear and I encourage people to do so! 5. Clean up after yourselves and be friendly to locals! We want to keep doing this and the only way that happens is if everyone cleans up what they bring in. There haven’t been any problems with that yet and we would like to continue that trend. As for camping on Saturday night we are aiming to go to the same spot as last year near Kelowna. Friday night people can either stay at the same spot or do their own thing. Exact location will be posted closer to the date. Stay tuned as updates are sure to come and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I’m stoked to see you all! Let’s do some fucking wheely boarding.

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