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Recurring Event WRS

WRS Round 2

Impossible, UK

WRS Round 2 We didn't want anybody to have to choose between events/couldn't be arsed coming up with our own ideas so we're going to tag onto the annual NYSB which just happens to be the starting point for MIDStour as well. Along with the usual spots Inc "Impossible Path" and "Dig Deep" we will be running a knockout format night race on "Penarth Path" More to follow...


Mids Tour 3


Details Media Details Mids Tour 3 You know the drill, a week of gnarly skateboarding every gnarly hill in the UK in gnarly arctic conditions. Wrap up warm and bring plenty of supplies and beverages. Calling all downhill skateboarders and adventurers, its back. This January the biggest names in downhill skateboarding will be joining forces to embark on a quest the length of the UK mainland to get their winter fix of adrenaline, speed and slide. Journeying through the English, Welsh and Scottish wildernesses, this brave few will skate every savage hill the UK has to offer even if it…